Lawrence Family

“Best tour guide we have had anywhere in Europe! We just returned from a London/Paris trip where we used several guides: Our family vote was unanimous for Gavin as our best. We did two full days of walking tours with Gavin, and he really brought the city alive for us, from the major attractions to the quiet backstreets most people will never see. Gavin did a superb job keeping everyone interested, in such varied settings as the British Museum (with two kids who were by then already tired and did NOT want to “learn” anything, only to discover this was one of their most memorable visits) to the Tower and even great places to eat. Gavin’s knowledge is top rate, but perhaps just importantly, he really knows how to involve everyone, pace the day and mix in little known facts and sights along with the “big” attractions, weaving the history throughout so that it makes sense. Hire Gavin, you will not be disappointed.”

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